Orthoheel Sandals
Our feet are designed to walk on soft, natural surfaces like soil and sand. Yet today we spend most of our time standing, walking or running on unnatural hard flat unyielding surfaces. Orthoheel technology assists in restoring the foots natural alignment enabling the foot, ankle and leg to dynamically function as nature intended. Orthoheel products are ideal for heel knee back and leg pain.

Orthoheel Sandals Orthoheel Sandals Orthoheel Sandals Orthoheel Sandals

Powerstep is a unique orthotic insert that goes beyond "foot comfort" power step orthotics can relieve pain and even prevent it from developing. Developed by a podiatrist, the  Powerstep orthotic line takes foot comfort further than standard insoles you're used to wearing. Our unique design provides real support and a stability to allow you to do the things you love, pain-free.

The Powerstep line is the gold standard in ready-to-wear orthotics. The unique design is proven to be effective for most people who currently have heel and arch pain, or those who want to prevent it. The Powerstep family of products is used by people from all walks of life: runners and athletes, construction workers and doctors, food service workers and nurses, and everything in between. If you want to relieve foot pain and prevent it altogether, then Powerstep orthotics are the way to go.

Powersteps Powersteps

Support Stockings by Dr. Comfort
Durable, breathable, ultra-soft stockings are made with shape-to-fit technology that allows comfort style and support to combine together to guide your active lifestyle.