Lazer Therapy

Q Clear Laser Treatment
Nail fungus is a very common and unsightly condition that affects millions of adults each year. It causes an infection beneath the nail that can be very difficult to treat. In time, fungus causes the nail to turn yellow, brown or gray and become brittle. Thickening, splitting and cracking may also occur. Left untreated, nail fungus can be painful and even lead to more serious infections. With revolutionary new treatment methods such as the Q-Clear laser, however, it is possible to cure fungal infections of the nails in a little as one session.

The procedure is performed using the small handheld laser device. It delivers short bursts of intense laser energy to precisely target the fungus under the nail and kill it. Compared to long pulse lasers that rely on heat to kill fungus, Q-Switched lasers are much faster, and, as a result cause little to no pain or discomfort. They also allow doctors to precisely pinpoint the fungus without damaging any of the surrounding tissue. There is no need for any downtime after the procedure, as it is none surgical. In most mild to moderate cases, only one treatment is needed. Each session takes only minutes, so it is possible to cure an infection in a matter of minutes as opposed to the weeks it takes for topical and systemic methods to possibly work.